Pre-launch FAQ

This is the pre-launch promotion FAQ, terms and conditions. We also have a general FAQ about europeone.

What is the pre-launch promotion?

We're running a promotion to find some friends – possibly future customers – who will help us test and refine our service in the early phases. In exchange for joining early, we're offering rewards to our first signed up participants.

How does it work?

The first 100 signed up participants win rewards.

Up to 500 participants will be chosen to participate in our beta tests, if they want to. That also comes with a reward.

What can I get?

We offer discounted and free pan-European banking services to our top signed up individuals

Accounts come with cards, IBANs and an attractive mobile app. All your basic banking needs are covered.

When does the competition end?

On 15 September 2017, but we reserve the right to extend it.

When do I get my reward?

Beta testing will begin in 2017, so if you take part in the beta test you'll get the testing account then. Those winning the free accounts get them the moment we officially launch (see below).

What is the special gold card?

Our first 100 signed up friends receive special accounts with special charge plans and a golden, special edition, europeone card that identifies you as one of the first customers and champions of our company. In future, this card may entitle you to special company events, or simply identify you as friend of the company

What is a partner card?

A partner card is a card for your family to use. It is a card that you can top-up, but can carry your partners, child, parents, etc name.

Am I charged during the beta testing?

The beta testing phase will be free of charge, details to follow.

Who can take part?

Investors in and employees of europeone, as well as their family members, may not win rewards in this competition (but can participate in the beta test).


To win a prize you must:

Waived or reduced charges are valid for europeone's products only, and only if the products are actually launched. Prizes cannot be substituted, exchanged for cash, given to others or redeemed in ways other than described.

Some transactions can involve charges by a third party, outside the control of europeone. Such charges are not covered by the prizes.

Are there other ways of taking part?

There are no other ways to win the prizes, but we reserve the right to recruit beta test participants by other means.

We welcome your feedback and will consider all requests to participate in the beta phase. Sorry, we might not be able to respond to each and every one of you. We're a small team.

Am I committing to anything if I sign up?

No, everything´s optional at this point. You don't have to accept a prize if you win it, and you don't have to participate in the beta test if you are selected.

We'll be in touch and you will have to actively opt in to open an account. Nothing will happen without your consent.

If I win is my reward guaranteed?

We're a young company, so the rewards come with the express limitation that they apply only to our future product, and no substitute prizes will be provided and no damages paid if europeone does not offer banking products, for whatever reason.