We are building europeone for you...

a borderless bank on your phone – 
in your pocket – wherever you go in Europe

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Open an account in just minutes

We will open you a bank account anywhere in Europe, within 10 minutes using only one official document, such as a passport or national ID

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Support your family back home

No need to wire money home as europeone lets you open joint accounts, with multiple debit cards, for your entire family, regardless of borders

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Quick, low-cost mobile banking

We will save you time and money. We make payments across countries and currencies easy, with no hidden fees

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Easy access to all banking services from
your smartphone – anywhere, anytime

Painless money-transfer,
no hidden charges, no hassle

europeone makes payments easy and lets you send
money to your loved ones instantly, with no fees and
at the lowest exchange rates possible

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Wherever you go,
europeone goes with you

Everywhere in Europe, your europeone account is your local account.
Work in Madrid, pay bills in Bucharest, withdraw cash in Berlin – it's
easier and cheaper than with a typical “one-country” bank.

With europeone, your account goes wherever you go

Be the first to get an account
at a bank you will love